What’s New at Ashley Stewart?

What’s New at Ashley Stewart?

Ashley Stewart drops its new arrivals with over 50 items from tops, dresses, skirts, and more. Shop the latest styles at Lauderhill Mall

The average size that women wear is between 16 and 18, leaving no room for plus-size bodies. There has been a long demand for clothing lines to shift away from stereotype bodies and gear towards size inclusivity. Good thing, Ashley Stewart heard every one of us.  

Ashley Stewart is one of the clothing brands that paved the way for body positivity. CEO James Rhee saw the biggest gap in the upscale fashion industry––sizes for plus-sized women. This gap led to the founding of Ashley Stewart in 1991. Today, there are 89 stores in over 22 cities, including Ashley Stewart at Lauderhill Mall.

Most shoppers can score classic American jeans or a trendy outfit first popular on TikTok, but for plus-size clothing wearers, finding easy-to-fit clothing is a nightmare. In this article, we rounded up the latest arrivals from Ashley Stewart’s collection. Guaranteed made for you and for everybody. 

Whether you’re looking for casual wearing like good pair of jeans or event dresses or workout pieces, here are the new arrivals at Ashley Stewart that you need to get your hands on.

  1. Seamed Keyhole Maxi Dress

The Seamed Keyhole Maxi Dress will flow gracefully with your every move. The pink motif is a breath of fresh air, something that gives an airy and calm vibe. Whether you are at the beach or at your usual office spot, this Ashley Stewart dress never fails to give comfort. 

Plus Size Maxi Dress

The dress is knitted all throughout with a scooped neckline and elbow sleeveless. It features a tie at the bust area, so you can adjust depending on your comfort level. It comes in two colors, black and pink, and sizing from 10 to 34/36. 

Shop the Seamed Keyhole Maxi Dress online or at Ashley Stewart in Lauderhill Mall

  1. Roll Cuff Knit Cotton Denim Shorts

Looking for something comfortable and easy wearing? One of the latest drops from Ashley Stewart is the Roll Cuff Knit Cotton Denim Shorts. This is your typical denim shorts but better. 

Ashley Stewart Denim Shorts

It features stretchable cotton and an elastic waistband for comfort. It also comes with four pockets, so you can carry all your essentials in just one pair. It is available in Medium Blue and DK Rinse. Available in sizes 10 to 36. 

Purchase the Roll Cuff Knit Cotton Denim Shorts online or at Ashley Stewart in Lauderhill Mall

  1. Living My Best Life Graphic Tee

Live life to the fullest by wearing this graphic tee from Ashley Stewart clothing. If you have not scored a classic white shirt, then this is the perfect opportunity to get one! 

Ashley Stewart Graphic Tee

The Living My Best Life Graphic Tee is a classic white knit tee with a graphic statement in front, which we believe speaks to every woman. Now available at Ashley Stewart from sizes 10 to 36. 

Shop Living My Best Life Graphic Tee online or at Ashley Stewart in Lauderhill Mall

  1. Cotton Pintuck Sleeve Button Up

Worn untucked, the Cotton Pintuck Sleeve Button Up is stylish and flattering on every figure. Perfect for work and keeping it casual, you need to get your hands on this Ashley Stewart top. Pair it with your cute jeans or curvy skirt and you are good to go! 

Ashley Stewart Button Sleeve

Shop the Cotton Pintuck Sleeve Button Up online or at Ashley Stewart in Lauderhill Mall.

  1. Frayed Edge Bell Hem Jean

The Frayed Edge Bell Heam Jean is not your average pair of jeans. Elevate your jean rotation and add little frays like this one! 

Ashley Stewart Flared Jeans

These denim high-waisted jeans have a stretchable cotton material, featuring five pockets. It also has a frayed bell hem and hidden-button closure at the center front. Now available in sizes 10 to 36. 

Shop the Frayed Edge Bell Hem Jean online or at Ashley Stewart in Lauderhill Mall

Three Styling Tips by Ashley Stewart for Plus Size Wearers

This section does not tell you what to wear and whatnot. You are more than welcome to wear anything and however you like it! But if you are feeling a little rusty about your style, here are three amazing styling tips for plus-size women. 

  1. Loving Your Body

You can read all plus size clothing tips but if you do not embrace your body, you will have a hard time applying all these tips. 

We have all been there––trying to fit the unconventional stereotypes that society tells us like hourglass body or glass skin. Wake up from that dream! In reality, everybody is different. 

Appreciating your body does wonder for your style. So our first amazing tip is to learn to love your body! 

  1. Shop Plus-size Brands 

The demand for plus-size clothing has been high over the years. Though there are brands that hear the pleads of plus-size wearers, there is little progress. So if you spot stores that sell something that mirrors you, support them! 

Ashley Stewart at Lauderhill Mall specifically caters to plus-size women, offering various clothing options and accessories for our bellies and thighs. 

  1. Know Your Sizes 

When you are confused about which size to buy, shopping might be unpleasant. Knowing your measurements is beneficial as it allows you to purchase by fit and not by size. 

Shop your favorite plus-size pieces at Ashley Stewart today! On your way, you can also drop by at some of our food stalls and restaurants to satisfy your cravings after shopping. From seafood to sweet delicacies, we have everything you need! 

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