Summer Essentials at Citi Trends in Lauderhill Mall

Summer Essentials at Citi Trends in Lauderhill Mall

These summer essentials from Citi Trends are less than $30 each. 

We went out to discover summer staples and accessories that would make the rest of the summer a little bit simpler. We found ten options that you'll wish you had known about sooner, whether you'll be spending your summer at home with family or at the beach.

Citi Trends has ten summer staples that buyers are now raving about. Read more to know what these are! 

10 Summer Essentials You’ll Want from Citi Trends 

  1. Inflatable Blue Rectangular Pool

The Inflatable Blue Rectangular Pool has been quality-tested and is designed to get kids (and parents) moving, dancing, and out of the house. With extra-wide sidewalls, this pool is ideal for splashing and playing in the sun with younger families. With the simple drain valve, taking it down is a breeze. The Inflatable Blue Rectangular Pool makes splashing in the sun even more enjoyable.

  1. Heart Glitter Pool Float

The Heart Glitter Pool Float allows your child to glide around in luxury. This pool float is ideal for any kid who likes glitter. The tube is brimming with glitter that gleams in the sunlight. Furthermore, the safety valve ensures that you will not waste time or energy inflating or deflating the ring. This Heart Glitter Pool Float is also dependable since the pre-tested vinyl it is constructed of is resistant to punctures and rips.

  1. Aqua Wheel Water Cannon

The Aqua Wheel Water Cannon features an easy-to-fill water tank that can spray water up to 20 feet and more than 25 rounds per tank. Simply aim and shoot while the helicopter's blades whirl around to put out the fires and save the day! With a range of water squirting styles, tight stream, split stream, or a broad fan of water, kids may choose how they wish to fight the fire. With robust style and stylish decor, kids will appreciate mimicking real-world rescue operations with this tough toy that can be used indoors or outdoors. When the adventure is finished, just drain and store the water tank until the next need for assistance arrives!

  1. 2-Player Badminton Set

Basic Badminton tools to get you started in the game. Two badminton rackets and shuttlecocks with smooth grip grips are included. Make unforgettable experiences with your family and friends.

  1. 3pk Unicorn Bubble Wand

Unicorn toys and bubble cannon blasters are popular among children. With our 3pk Unicorn Bubble Wand, we've blended the best of both worlds. This bubble wand is the Cadillac of bubble wands. Big eyes, a gorgeous unicorn horn, and a pastel-colored characterize this friendly unicorn. The wand is sturdy and pleasant in both large and small hands. Colorful LED lights on top of our unicorn bubble wand light the bubbles as they fly out, producing a gorgeous variety of sparkling, swirling orbs.

  1. Light-Up Bubble Gun

Blowing bubbles and watching the Light-Up Bubble Gun light up will amuse children of all ages. Simply attach the bubble solution bottle to the gun's base and fire away to create bubbles and light-up features. It's a fantastic summer pastime for kids of all ages.

  1. Retro Style Bluetooth Boombox 

The vintage-styled Retro Style Bluetooth Boombox's excellent sound quality, built-in stereo speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and ultimate wireless audio experience relive nostalgic experiences from the past. This player includes knobs for adjusting the radio and volume. The pairing buttons are simple to press, which is an extra benefit. For a vintage experience, the cassette player may switch between play, stop, pause, rewind, fast-forward, record, and eject.

  1. Portable Beverage Dispenser & Cups

This 5-piece Portable Beverage Dispenser & Cups Set includes a robust plastic dispenser with a pink design, a push spout, and matching cups for serving cold beverages at home and on the go.

  1. MLB Foam Bat & Ball

The MLB Foam Bat & Ball is the ideal material, size, and form for kids starting to play baseball is an oversized soft rubber foam barrel with a blow-molded inner core. When starting to play, the bat has a soft foam grip that is suitable for kids' hands.

  1. Positivity pH9.5 Alkaline Water with Electrolytes 

It's no secret that drinking eight glasses of water every day is beneficial to your health. After the anaerobic activity, consuming alkaline water improves hydration status by lowering specific urine gravity significantly. And because the higher pH level destroys pepsin, an enzyme involved in breaking down meal proteins and a significant cause of acid reflux, drinking alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 can help relieve acid reflux.

Though alkaline water may seem like the most pleasing thing since sliced bread, always seek medical counsel before switching, and always remember that health is wealth!

Shop Summer Essentials Today

While we all like summer, no summer is complete without the necessities. They're the things you use to make the finest summer possible. So, if you want to step up your game this summer, buy the summer essentials at Citi Trends today.

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