Lauderhill Mall Talks 1: Dr. Helfant of Dental Team Kids Sits with Jack Hakimian of GPM

Lauderhill Mall Talks 1: Dr. Helfant of Dental Team Kids Sits with Jack Hakimian of GPM

Dental Team Kids is a dental clinic offering a fun, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere for children. Learn more about the Dental Team Kids at Lauderhill Mall. 

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About Dental Team Kids

Dental Team Kids is a family-owned dental clinic offering a fun, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere for children. They pride themselves on ensuring that children receive the best dental care at affordable prices. 

Visit Dental Team Kids at Lauderhill Mall. They are conveniently located at 1249 NW 40 AVE, Lauderhill, FL 33313. Contact Dental Team Kids at 954-584-2214 or visit their website for appointments and inquiries. 

Dental Team Kids’ Mission

Dr. Jared Helfant, the general dentist at Dental Team Kids in Lauderhill Mall shared the company’s two mission statements. 

One is providing a fun, safe, and exciting environment for the whole staff. The other is creating a comfortable dental community within patients. Currently, Dental Team Kids has over 70 employed staff and without these people, Dental Team Kids would not exist so it is important that the staff feels valued and part of the team. This is also the road to ensuring that Dental Team Kids will be able to provide the best dental care at low costs. 

Despite having several offices, are still run by hands-on dental professionals to ensure that patients are given the best service. 

Growth Over the Years

“I don't really think it's a secret I think it's more just creating a good patient experience,” Dr. Jared Helfant, a general dentist at Dental Team Kids said when asked by Jack Hakimian on what is the secret to success. 

Dental Team Kids’ approach has always been patient-first. It is about putting the needs of the patient above anything else and ensuring that all possible treatments and care are provided. Dr. Jared Helfant said that people come to them because of their clean, safe, and positive environment. 

From marketing to setting appointments, to assessing their concerns, and until they leave the facility, the dental clinic assures that they go above and beyond. 

“I don't think it's a secret I think it's just going and doing the extras going above and beyond in little ways,” Dr. Jared Helfant added. 

Dr. Jared Helfant’s Dental Journey

Dr. Jared Helfant is a general dentist at Dental Team Kids. He was originally from New York City but came all the way down to South Florida at the age of 14. He went to the University of Florida for his undergraduate studies, during which time he was planning to enter the medical field. His initial plan was to become a surgeon but found his heart on being a dentist when he started working at a dental clinic.  

“I loved that hand on the aspect of dentistry and creativity and I decided to change my path down that route,” Dr. Jared Helfant said on the videocast. 

He went to a dental school at New York University and came back home to Florida to continue serving the dental community. 

Some Heartful Encounters

One of the most unforgettable, heartwarming encounters faced by Dr. Jared Helfant was when Dental Team Kids offered free dental services. Most people lack access to dental care services and have been in pain for months. 

“It sounds so basic but people are in pain for months weeks. You know sold years because they just can't afford it or aren't educated enough on how to get that taken care of,” Dr. Jared Helfant shared. It’s both fulfilling and saddening at the same time because they were able to help but realized that there are people out there suffering dental problems. 

He added that there was a certain patient who got into a car accident years ago and had a facial deformity. She had broken teeth and became depressed. Dental Team Kids took care of her until she can smile beautiful and healthy again.  

“It's the first time I smiled in three years. A little you know tear came to my face because you know we don't realize the effect that being able to smile, that being proud of your smile really has on people,” Dr. Jared Helfant added. 

The Greatest Lesson

“The most important lesson I learned that I try to teach other doctors this is as a dentist we want to do the best job for that tooth,” Dr. Jared Helfant started.  

When it comes to facing broken teeth and other dental problems, the first thing that dentists do is to ensure that saving is possible. Despite the pain and financial incapabilities, as dentists, they shall treat the tooth with the best treatment available.  

“We're really not treating the tooth we're treating the person,” Dr. Jared Helfant added.  

When it comes to creating dental treatment plans, dentists at Dental Team Kids take into account everything that their patients prefer, while also considering the best service. 

The Inspiration of Dental Team Kids

“The most important thing is having a personality that makes people feel safe and comfortable,” Dr. James Helfant said during the videocast.  

To ensure that Dental Team Kids will be able to continue providing their services, the most important thing is assure that they hire the right people. It is essential that their personality and excellence match the organization’s mission and vision. This is crucial because people keep coming back because of the people and what they provide. 

The greatness of Dental Team Kids’ staff can be supported by their online reviews, contrary to other dental organizations that receive mostly bad insights. In fact, the clinic provides the best customer care, not wanting to make the patients wait for more than 25 minutes.

“If you wait actually more than 25 minutes we actually order we actually give you a $25 credit because everyone's time has value,” Dr. Jared Helfant said. 

Tips for First-time Patients

Most first-time patients have the mindset that seeing a dentist can be fearful. Dr. James Helfant corrected this. 

“I think that the most important thing is obviously everyone has is inherently fearful of the dentist,” Dr. James Helfant said.  

Dental Team Kids’ mission is to provide a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for their patients. It is essential that upon first-time visitation, the patient or the child feels no fear upon first-time visitation. This can be alleviated through the interiors of the dental office and how general dentists treat their patients. 

Dental Team Kids made their spaces suited for kids with cartoons and games. This will make the kids at ease during their visitation and make them associated with the dentists, leaving the fear behind. 

“In our office at the Lauderhill Mall, we've made it fun – aqua ocean environment,  everything looks really kid-friendly. Our staff’s really kid-friendly and I think there are games. I think you know there are toys for the kids and that's the most important thing is, is make it fun for them you know. Cause yeah, that's all kids want, they wanna have fun,” Dr. James Helfant added. 

Dental Team Kids Services

Dental Team Kids offers everything you need to have a beautiful, healthy smile, from general dentistry like fillings and crowns to cosmetic surgery, orthodontics, Invisalign, and dental surgeries.  

“I do a lot of mouth full mouth rehab cases whether it's, you know, redoing crowns and veneers,” Dr. James Helfant mentioned during the videocast. 

Dental Team Kids serves the entire community of Florida and even flies to cater to patients outside the state. 

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