How to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress in 13 Steps

How to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress in 13 Steps

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your wedding dress hunting stress-free. 

Have you spent years daydreaming about your wedding dress and know precisely what you want down to the last stitch? Or are you absolutely unclear about where to begin? Don't worry, we've got the ultimate step-by-step guide to picking the right dress.

Wedding dress hunting is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, it might be intimidating with so many dresses to pick from. Don’t worry. Here's how to choose the perfect wedding dress for your wedding day.

Find Your Wedding Dress in 13 Steps 

  1. Research what dress you want 

Before you try on any dresses, you should have a general concept of the sort of wedding venue you want. It doesn't have to be exact, but it is helpful to know whether it'll be a boho beach wedding or a formal conventional church wedding.

To create a visual dossier of your favorite dresses, tear pages from magazines, browse online wedding stores, explore Pinterest, and see what famous brides are wearing. This will assist you in determining the sort of dress that will look best in the environment, as well as tying other components of your big day together.

  1. Ask for insights

When looking for a wedding dress, have an open mind. You could come across your dream outfit that you had no idea existed. Ask for opinions and two cents from others who have the same taste as you. You could also get the opinion of friends and families who already got married.

  1. Book an appointment 

Bridal boutiques are not the type of stores where you can stroll in and start exploring the racks. You must arrange an appointment ahead of time so that a consultant can tour you through the collections and assist you in making your selections.

If feasible, begin visiting these stores 12 months before your wedding date. This is because most gowns must be manufactured to order, which can take anywhere from four to twelve months depending on whether you choose an off-the-peg or bespoke design.

  1. Stay with your actual size 

Shop for gowns in your current size rather than going smaller if you plan on reducing weight before the big day. It's far easier to take a wedding dress in than trying to deal with one that is far too tight.

  1. Choose a reputable shop

Choose stores with a strong reputation, excellent customer service, and a modern yet timeless range of dresses that you prefer, such as Jennys Fashion & Bridal. Even if you're still confused about your style, it's crucial to have a budget in mind. This allows you and the consultant to make the most of your time together by putting on dresses that don't fit you or your budget.

  1. Buy early, worry later

Many wedding dresses take four to twelve months to make, and you'll need even more time for modifications and accessorizing after they come.

  1. Shop within your budget

Consider your budget when picking stores to visit, and avoid going to ones where the gowns are out of your price range. Nothing is more frustrating than falling in love with a dress and then neglecting to check the price tag. It's also a good idea to acquire suggestions or go to reputed shops, like Jennys Fashion & Bridal, to avoid wasting time. 

  1. Shop on a weekday 

On weekends, bridal boutiques are busy, which means you may receive less personal attention or that the dress you want is being tried on by someone else. It's worth taking some time off from work to schedule your appointment during the week.

  1. Wear the right undergarments

It's difficult to imagine how a strapless dress would appear with your leopard bra straps protruding, or how a curve-hugging gown would fit once your hips have been flattened. Wear a strapless bra and a nude thong to your appointments. 

  1. Keep travel limitations in mind

If you're traveling to your wedding location, be sure to check airline restrictions first. You don't want to fall in love with a ball dress type just to discover that it is too big for the airport.

  1. Consider the fabric

The fabric has a significant impact on how a gown appears on you. A more structured, the thicker fabric will keep its form and smooth your physique. For brides with curves, unstructured silk and filmy chiffon are less flattering.

  1. Don’t forget your heels

Some wedding dress shops offer shared high heels you can borrow, but that's unpleasant, and a dress will look a lot more distinct in flip-flops than in stilettos. Bring heels that are the same height as the ones you believe you'll wear on your wedding day so you can get a better idea of how the dress will appear. 

  1. You’ve got it! 

Finally, pick the clothing that is appropriate for you. Brides frequently go for the dress that everyone else thinks looks nice on them rather than the one that makes them feel like the finest version of themselves. That's an indication it's the one if you don't want to take it off.

Shop Wedding Dresses at Jennys Fashion & Bridal 

Your wedding day is the most significant (and expensive!) day of your life, despite the cliché. It'll be the day when you're surrounded by the individuals you care about the most. It's a time for celebration and enjoyment, so make the most of it. Accept that things might not go precisely as planned. When it comes to choosing a dress, make sure you are comfortable so you can look your best on your big day.

Finding your life partner and the appropriate gown for your big day are the initial two steps to having the wedding of your dreams. You've found your life partner, so all that's left is to explore the world of wedding fashion and discover the perfect gown to complete your fantasy celebration.

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