Christmas Specials: Have Your Holiday Photos at Lauderhill Mall

Christmas Specials: Have Your Holiday Photos at Lauderhill Mall

Have your holiday photos taken at Lauderhill Mall! It might be the only photo you and your family get to have for this year. 

 The holiday season is coming right up and if there's one true thing, it's about trying to pull together a family holiday photo. So we gathered backdrops, decorations, and props for you to wear and choose from to get that perfect snapshot! 

Take your holiday photos at Lauderhill Mall 

Get your festive sweaters and props ready! It's time to take the annual family photo that you can share with your friends and family on this year's Christmas cards. 

Capturing the perfect moment to get the best photos are not a walk in the park, so we have good news for you! We set up holiday photo ops with decorations and backdrops to capture different shots. 

Holiday photos ideas 

We gathered the best holiday photos for you to make the most out of your pictures. We have the best tips to make you look the best! 

And once you nailed the photo, all you need to do is put it in a classic Christmas card and you're all set for the holidays. 

  • Holiday pajamas 

There's nothing cute other than wearing pajamas for your holiday photos! If you don't have family pajamas yet, our stores have all sorts of pajamas available. 

  • Favorite snacks 

If you and your family enjoy a particular snack, why not include it in your holiday photos? Bring it on our holiday photo ops and let’s feature them! 

  • Keep it candid 

The children just don't want to cooperate sometimes. Instead of being stressed and worried that a holiday photo will be taken, go with the flow. It's usually authentic and gives all your friends a good laugh.

  • Be creative

The best holiday photos idea is just sitting in your home. Have a favorite drawing or sketch from the whole family. You will not only get chuckles from friends and family, but it is also an excellent opportunity to show your artistic skills! 

  • Include your doggo 

Dogs are family and they deserve to be in those holiday photos! Don’t forget to include them in your holiday photos that’ll get your family and friends touched.

It's a time to meet and have a good time with our family and friends. From Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, this is a time when you are expected to record some of your great family memories. While holidays are an excellent opportunity to meet, they can be a hectic time too. 

To make it less stressful and overwhelming for your family, we assembled a holiday photo ops for this year's holiday photos.

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