Halloween Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Halloween sparks the best creative version of ourselves when decorating and dressing up. Some can even go to the extent of creating crazy do-it-yourself (DIYs) to upscale their Halloween celebrations. But often, these decorations and costumes can pose a potential hazard to your homes, workplaces, and to your family. 

While being fun and creative are requirements for a nice Halloween celebration, compromising your safety is not a part of it. So always ensure that safety is a top priority.

Here are 7 Halloween safety tips to hazard-proof your trick-or-treats

  1. Avoid thin strings

Strings are always used in almost every household item. Whether nylon strings, cord strings, or even yarns, strings can be seen in everything, especially during Halloween. Decorations need to be hanged-up or tied, and strings come very handy. But thin strings pose a danger. 

A thin string can seamlessly injure by cutting via strangulation if given enough pressure. The small surface area of the string makes it possible to slice anything like a knife does. When thin strings are let loose, kids are most likely to play with them. 

So it is better to have adhesive tapes and the like to fasten up your decorations. You can also use cable ties for materials that need tighter control. 

But most importantly, make sure that all your fasteners are removed after your celebration since most accidents happen because of unattended hazardous materials.

  1. Limit the use of sharp objects

Trick-or-treating will not be complete with thrilling costumes. And it is a common sight to see costumes adorned with added weapons and other instruments. In these instances, it is always better to limit the use of pointy objects. 

From Freddy Krueger’s claws to Aquaman’s trident, pointy objects are common. But if you can, try to reduce the presence of these props. They might accidentally hurt your child or their playmate. 

The same principle applies to decorations like axes, pyramid props, etc. Sharp edges make it prone to accidents. To make them accident-proof, you can soften these edges by putting a lighter decoration on top, like cotton, pillows, or tissues. 

 Let's try the next tip if it is impossible to get these props out.

  1. Plastics over metals

This might spark arguments, but when it comes to user safety, plastics are always preferable to metals.

In case a trick-or-treater bumps with a decoration, plastic will do less damage since the integrity of the material will most likely just bend or break the decoration. But decorations of metal material do not. Would we not want our Halloween to end with a few bruises?

But we should still be cautious about the coating of these plastic decorations. Some contain large amounts of toxic substances in their coloring. Always ensure that the decorations you buy pass the safety standard test before going to the market. So always check the labeling when you go to the supermarket.

  1. Use glow-in-the-dark items

Trick-or-treating goes best at night. It brings out the best vibes as the atmosphere compliments the mood. However, kids may get lost even with their parent's supervision. Children can get lost in the middle of the night with their dark costumes and messy decorations in the neighborhood. Adding glow-in-the-dark items to your kids’ costumes is better to avoid these cases.

The same can also help bring enough light to your home decoration without ruining the mood of the spooky season. 

  1. Wear comfortable clothes

Your kids will spend the rest of their Halloween evenings walking down the street. This will leave their feet all used up. And with all the creative costumes you might have your kids wear, walking with a bag of candies will be an uncomfortable experience.

So instead of compromising their comfort, have them wear comfortable clothes. Truly, it is nice to see your kids dressed up in the best costume you can think of, but if it makes them cranky because of it, then the fun will end up spoiled. 

  1. Set a curfew

Time flies when you enjoy all the fun. And it flies more when kids are the people in question. Since they still don’t have a sense of responsibility and time, they will enjoy themselves much as they can. And you can’t blame them for this, but you can help them be cautious with themselves and set some rules. 

Before letting your kids loose on their trick-or-treat escapades, ensure they have a strict curfew. Let them understand that the curfew you have set will help them and not tie them down. This will help you keep them on track and for them to better understand your concern as a parent.

  1. Check the candies

When trick-or-treating is over, the happiest part begins - and that is checking the loot! If left on their own, kids will much on every sweet they receive from Halloween. This will be a safety hazard on many levels. Some risks include

  • Excessive amounts of sugar. The first thing that will concern you is cavities. Eating large amounts of sweets can make your child prone to dental problems. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Excessive sweets can also result in stomach aches which will put your kid in bad shape. 
  • Unchecked expiry dates. Not to put a bad image upon your neighborhood, but there may be instances where distributed candies are already beyond their expiration dates. Though this may seem to be a slight error on those who gave it, checking these for yourself will not be a bad idea.
  • Unregistered brands. Some candies get away with the FDA, especially in times Halloween. This poses a serious threat to the safety of your kids. Unregistered ingredients might get mixed up with your kids’ trick-or-treat delights without proper FDA authorization. 

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