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Florida's Back-To-School Tax Holiday: A Parent's Must-Read

Attention, parents! Are you ready to unlock the secret to stress-free back-to-school shopping? Look no further than Florida's Back-to-School Tax Holiday. This is not your average shopping spree – it's a golden opportunity to save big on school essentials and wave goodbye to those pesky sales taxes. We've got all the insider tips and tricks to make this tax holiday a breeze. Don't miss out on this must-read guide that will have you cheering in the school supply aisles. Get ready to conquer the back-to-school season like a pro!

What to Expect During Florida's Back-To-School Tax Holiday

Florida's back-to-school sales tax holiday is set to take place from July 24 to August 6, 2023, lasting for an extended period of 14 days. This year, it has been expanded beyond a mere tax-free weekend. Additionally, there will be a second sales tax week scheduled for January 1 to January 14, 2024, during the middle of the school year.

If you're looking to save money on your back-to-school shopping, we've got all the details you need. During these dates, you can purchase clothing, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, and other eligible items without paying the sales tax, which typically amounts to 7% in Polk County.

In addition to the back-to-school tax holiday, Florida offers several other tax-free weeks throughout the summer. You can take advantage of these weeks to save on camping gear, kayaks, snorkeling gear, fishing rods, outdoor supplies, sports equipment, concert tickets, annual museum memberships, sporting events, plays, gym memberships, batteries, coolers, generators, power tools, and more. Furthermore, permanent sales tax exemptions are in place for items such as diapers, wipes, baby gear, and clothing for children aged 5 and under. These tax-free weekends are a result of HB 7063, a Florida tax holiday bill passed by the Florida Legislature in 2023. To learn more about all of Florida's sales tax weeks, explore our comprehensive guide.

The details for the 2023 Florida back-to-school sales tax holiday are as follows:


  • Starts on Monday, July 24, 2023, at 12:01 a.m.
  • Ends on Sunday, August 6, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.
  • (Also note the second sales tax week: January 1 – 14, 2024)

What Items are Eligible for Florida's Back-To-School Tax Holiday?

  • Clothing, footwear, and certain accessories priced at $100 or less per item (excluding briefcases, suitcases, and other garment bags)
  • School uniforms priced at less than $100 per item
  • Specific school supplies priced at $50 or less per item, including pencils, erasers, crayons, notebooks, binders, lunch boxes, and more
  • Learning aids, jigsaw puzzles, and educational toys costing $30 or less per item
  • The first $1,500 of the sales price of personal computers and related accessories for noncommercial home or personal use, including ebook readers and tablets

The Department of Revenue publishes a complete list of eligible items each year, so make sure to check it out for the full details.

Additional Information about Florida's Back-To-School Tax Holiday

  • Gift cards: The sale of gift cards is always tax-exempt. Eligible items purchased during the holiday period using a gift card will qualify for the exemption, regardless of when the gift card was purchased. However, if an item is returned for credit and a replacement is purchased separately after the holiday, sales tax will be due.
  • Exchanging purchases after the holiday: If a customer exchanges an eligible item purchased during the back-to-school Tax Holiday period for the same item (e.g., different size or color), no tax will be due, even if the exchange is made after the holiday period. However, if an item is returned for credit and a replacement is purchased with the credit as a separate transaction after the holiday, sales tax will be due.
  • Coupons, discounts, and rebates: If a coupon or discount brings an item under $100, it will be tax-free. However, a manufacturer's coupon that brings an item under $100 may still require sales tax payment. It's recommended to inquire about the tax implications for items near the $100 threshold before making a purchase.
  • Mail-order, catalog, or online sales: Eligible items purchased through these channels are tax-free if the order is accepted during the holiday period for immediate shipment, even if delivery occurs after the holiday period.
  • Excluded locations: Certain establishments, including theme parks, entertainment complexes, public lodging establishments, and airports, are exempt from the sales tax holiday. Additionally, some retailers may choose to opt out of the holiday, so it's advisable to confirm with the Department of Revenue for full details.


In addition to the back-to-school tax holiday, Florida offers other tax-free weeks throughout the year. These include the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holidays from May 27 to June 9, 2023, and August 26 to September 8, 2023, which provide savings on hurricane supplies. The Freedom Summer Sales Tax Holiday, running from May 29 to September 4, 2023, offers discounts on camping gear, kayaks, fishing rods, and more. Lastly, the Tool Time Sales Tax Holiday, taking place from September 2 to September 8, 2023, provides savings on specified tools commonly used by skilled trade workers



When is Florida tax-free weekend for school supplies?

You can save money on school supplies during Florida's Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday, which lasts for a full two weeks from Monday, July 24, 2023, to Sunday, August 6, 2023. During this period, you won't have to pay sales tax on clothing, school uniforms, shoes, school supplies, computers, and more.

When is tax-free weekend in Florida?

Florida has multiple tax-free weeks in 2023. The Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday is scheduled for July 24 to August 6, 2023. The Freedom Summer Sales Tax Savings period extends from May 29 to September 4, 2023. Lastly, the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holidays occur from May 27 to June 9, 2023, and August 26 to September 8, 2023.

Does Florida tax-free weekend apply to online purchases?

Yes, the sales tax exemptions in Florida should also apply to online purchases from retailers responsible for paying sales tax in the state.

What is the sales tax rate in Florida?

The sales tax rate in Florida is 6%, with some exemptions. Additionally, many Florida counties impose a discretionary sales surtax, commonly known as the county tax, which is applicable to most transactions subject to the sales or use tax. As a result, the total sales tax rate can be 7%, 6.5%, or even 7.5% in certain counties.

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