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Establishing a Successful Back-to-School Routine

As the new school year approaches, parents are likely working hard to have a back-to-school morning routine to help their children succeed. A plan can make transitioning back to school much easier for students and parents. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Practice a breakfast routine

Finding time for a healthy meal every morning can be difficult, but it's worthwhile! There's truth in the adage, "Breakfast is the essential meal of the day." Meal prepping your breakfast is one approach to simplify your morning routine. Don't forget to sneak in as many vegetables as possible when planning meals. You can opt to add small sweet peppers to various dishes for flavor and nutrition.

  1. Prepare the night before 

Plan to get a head start on the morning ritual. This is the best strategy for managing the morning chaos. Have your child take a bath or a shower before bed, and then ask them to choose to clothe or set out their school uniform for the next day. This is an excellent method to grant some independence to the younger ones.

Spend some time discussing the schedule for the following day. Verify that all the necessary materials, such as books, homework, and extra clothing, are packed in the bags. Then prepare everything and place it close to the door.

Kids need to sleep enough at night to remain alert and productive the following day. A bedtime regimen is equally beneficial. Consider relaxing before bed, like listening to soothing music, to help you wind down from the day and fall asleep. The transition will go more smoothly the less your kids have to struggle with it in the morning.

After the kids are in bed is an excellent time to prepare lunches and snacks. If you often eat breakfast together as a family, prepare the table; otherwise, get everything ready immediately.

  1. Make waking up more pleasant

An alarm clock can frequently shake you out of your sleep and into the harsh realities of the morning. We advise looking for alternate ways to wake your kids up and get them moving so that it won't be such a terrible awakening. Maybe make their favorite song the alarm tone (excellent for teenagers), or try kissing and cuddling them awake (great for the little ones). It doesn't have to take longer; it just needs to be a more pleasant wake-up.

  1. Be positive

As a parent, you have the power to choose how the day will go; therefore, it is in your best interest to approach the mornings constructively. A positive attitude may spread like wildfire, and its influence can be felt for miles. Sharing one item each family member is looking forward to doing during the day is a terrific exercise that can help cultivate this feeling within the family.

  1. Reward your kids

There is nothing quite like a good old-fashioned incentives system for encouraging some good behavior. When putting this into practice, the first step is to identify the things that contribute the most to the morning's unpleasant aspects. Then you'll be able to construct a reward system based on this information.

If you notice that your child has met their target consistently by the end of the week, it is recommended that you give them a token of your appreciation in the form of a treat, a trip to get ice cream, or a book. You may also make it fun for your child by, for instance, playing a game called "Beat the buzzer" with them to urge them to be ready on time.

Be Back to School Ready 

It's that time of year again when parents are frantically trying to prepare their children for school. The back-to-school routine can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. 

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