Essential Tips for Summer Travel with Kids blog

Essential Tips for Summer Travel with Kids

During the summer, most families plan road trips to make memories. Over 60% choose this time to travel. These road trips usually last 6-8 hours, but some can stretch to 12-14 hours. Planning such a trip can be overwhelming yet exciting. This article shares tips to help your journey be smooth and fun, making your summer travel memorable.


Key Takeaways

  • Preparing your vehicle for the journey is crucial to ensure a smooth and safe road trip.
  • Packing essential snacks and drinks can help keep your kids satisfied and energized during the long drive.
  • Keeping your kids comfortable and happy is key to a successful family road trip.
  • Entertaining and engaging your kids can make the time pass by quickly and reduce stress for parents.
  • Regularly taking breaks and stretching your legs is important for both you and your children.
  • Wear Sportswear

Prepare Your Vehicle for the Journey

Before your summer road trip, check your vehicle's condition. A thorough cleaning helps create space and comfort. Remove clutter and extra items.

Then, focus on the mechanical elements. See if the oil needs changing and get it done if necessary. Ensure tire pressure is right for better fuel use and handling. Top up fluids like wiper fluid and coolant for a smooth drive.

  • Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle
  • Check the oil level and schedule an oil change if necessary
  • Inspect the tire pressure and inflate to the recommended PSI
  • Top up essential fluids like windshield wiper fluid and coolant

Make your trip more comfortable by adding useful accessories. Consider a trash bag holder, car seat footrests, and extra cup holders. They'll help keep your vehicle organized and your kids content.



Trash bag holder

Keeps the car clean and tidy

Car seat footrests

Provides comfort for young passengers

Extra cup holders

Allows easy access to drinks and snacks

Taking the time to get your vehicle ready lowers the chance of problems. This way, your family road trip will be smoother. A well-kept car is key for a successful journey.

Get your car essentials before hitting the road! Check the store (mall) near you.


Pack Essential Snacks and Drinks

It's important to keep your kids happy and full on a long road trip. The right snacks and drinks are key. Bring healthy choices like water, fruits, nuts, and pretzels. This can reduce stops and avoid sugar crashes.

A cooler stocked with easy-to-grab snacks and drinks is a good idea. It keeps everything close. Also, making a picnic for rest stops saves time and money instead of eating fast food.



Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is essential, especially during summer travel.


Provides natural sweetness and essential nutrients.


Offer a protein-packed and filling snack option.


A crunchy and salty treat that's easy to pack and eat on the go.

Granola Bars

Provide a balanced source of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.

Bringing your own snacks and drinks is smart for saving money. It also means you have healthier choices. Planning ahead lets you meet your family's food wishes and dodge bad snack temptations.

Don't forget basics like napkins, wet wipes, and a trash bag for a clean car. With a bit of prep, your road trip with kids can be smooth and well-fed.


Keep Kids Comfortable and Happy

Helping your children feel comfy and happy is key for a great road trip. First, make sure they have enough room for their legs and feet. You can do this with small bags or a car seat footrest. Bring their favorite things like blankets, pillows, and toys to keep them calm. window shades or tinting helps with temperature and makes the ride more pleasant.

Pack pacifiers in multiples in case some get lost. Think about a headphone splitter if your kids like different things on screens. This stops fights. Additionally, a travel-friendly stroller is better for moving around at airports and stops.



Pack one diaper per hour of travel in the carry-on

Ensures you have enough supplies on hand during the trip

Avoid laces on kids' shoes

Allows for faster airport screening

Create a packing list with last-minute items highlighted

Helps avoid over-packing and forgotten essentials

Looking after your kids' comfort is crucial for a stress-free road trip. When they are happy, everyone enjoys the trip. A comfy and happy road trip is the secret to a great family adventure.

Entertain and Engage Kids

Keeping your kids entertained on a road trip can make the journey better for everyone. Tablets and digital devices are good, but try to mix in other fun things too. Bring along coloring books, travel games, and stories that everyone can listen to.

For more fun, try interactive games like "Would You Rather?" or "Roller Coaster." These games get kids talking and thinking. It helps bring the family closer during the trip.

  • Suggest engaging kids with 100 summer activities, including bird watching, growing herbs, making bird feeders, and crafting fairy houses.
  • Recommend indoor activities like movie marathons, fort building, Lego castle construction, and experimenting with new hairstyles.
  • Encourage outdoor activities such as visiting historic sites, attending concerts, and going to local carnivals.
  • Promote educational activities like writing in a journal, participating in a summer reading club, mastering new skills, and conducting science experiments.
  • Suggest artistic pursuits such as painting rocks, creating summer murals, decorating walkways with chalk, and playing with clay.
  • Recommend physical activities like building water blobs, obstacle courses, climbing trees, flying kites, and playing water balloon baseball.
  • Encourage engagement in activities like marble races, card games, charades, rearranging furniture, and visiting local markets to promote family bonding and fun.

Sharing a mix of activities with the kids fights off boredom and keeps minds active. These are the memories that your family will cherish long after the summer is over.

Activity Type

Suggested Activities



Nature journaling, museum visits, scavenger hunts

Prevent "summer slide," enhance learning


Audiobooks, podcasts, travel diaries

Improve listening comprehension, expressive language, and memory skills


Cooking local cuisine

Apply math skills through measurements and fractions


Stargazing, navigation, photography projects, interactive travel games

Stimulate interest in astronomy, geography, and creativity


Reading maps and brochures to plan itineraries

Improve map-reading skills and understanding of geography

Use a variety of fun activities to make sure your kids enjoy the whole trip. These moments will be remembered long after the trip is over.


Tips for Summer Travel with Kids

Going on a summer road trip with kids can be amazing. It's key to prepare well for a smooth journey. These tips will ensure your family vacation road trip is full of happy memories.

Start by cleaning and organizing your vehicle. This makes the trip more comfortable and safer. Bring snacks and drinks your kids love. Also, pack eating utensils, napkins, and wipes for easy meals.

It's important to keep your kids content. For younger ones, bring comfort items like toys and blankets. For older kids, have entertainment options ready. This includes games, books, and electronic devices.

  • Engage your children in planning the trip so they can choose what they enjoy.
  • Include outdoor activities and breaks for energy release and refreshment.
  • Look for kid-friendly places and things to do at your destination.
  • Always plan for extra time for unforeseen stops or delays.

Make a travel medical kit with medicines and supplies for health needs. This prepares you for any health issues that might come up.

With these tips for traveling with children, your summer road trip will be smooth and fun. A bit of planning means an unforgettable family adventure. One that leaves everyone with great memories.

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tips for summer travel with kids


Take Breaks and Stretch Your Legs

Road trips with kids can be fun and exciting, but they need good planning. One key to a happy family road trip is making stops to stretch and regain energy.

On the way, find welcome centers, parks, or other fun places for breaks. Here, kids can play and use up some of their energy. Don't forget to bring toys like balls or frisbees. These stops make the trip fun for everyone.

Did you know, that 65% of moms say it's smart to stop for lunch so kids can run around? Also, 83% of all parents recommend driving when it's nap or bedtime. This helps kids sleep and makes the drive smoother.

Adding regular road trip stops can change the trip's feel. It keeps kids (and parents) alert and happy, and it's a good time to get some exercise on the road. Everyone gets a chance to refresh for the next part of the journey.


Percentage of Travelers

Planned lunch stops for kids to burn off energy

65% of mothers

Aligning travel with nap/bedtimes to ensure kids rest

83% of parents

So, taking these breaks is the secret to a happy family road trip. It makes the trip smoother and more enjoyable for all.

Pack First-Aid and Survival Kits

It's key to have a good road trip first aid kit and survival kit. When you're headed out with the family, these are a must, especially with kids. Don't forget things like fire starters, headlamps, and tools. And always check the medication expiry dates. If you have these emergency essentials for road trips packed, you'll worry less and deal better with surprises on your summer adventure.

Studies show that 92% of families pack a solid family road trip survival kit. This kit should have band-aids, burn creams, and meds. It should also include tools like headlamps, knives, and hatchets. A well-stocked kit is a big help for both small mishaps and sudden big problems.

Essential Items for a Road Trip First Aid Kit

Recommended Quantity

Children's pain reliever

1 bottle

Children's melatonin

1 bottle

Children's ibuprofen chewables

1 bottle

Children's motion sickness medication

1 bottle

Children's allergy medication

1 bottle

Digital thermometer

1 unit

Mineral-based sunblock

1 bottle

Insect repellent

1 bottle

First aid supplies (bandages, wipes, etc.)


Anti-nausea ginger chews

1 package

Packing well for your road trip means being ready for anything. With the right first-aid and survival gear, you and your family can handle surprises. Then, you can focus on making great memories and enjoying your trip together.


Bring Maps and Encourage Exploration

On your family road trip, think about bringing real maps with you. Even though GPS and apps are great, maps make the adventure more exciting for kids. They add a sense of discovery and learning.

Have a detailed map book in the car for your children to use. Let them follow the route and find places. They can also learn about the places you travel through. This keeps them interested and helps them learn about new things.

  1. Give your kids highlighters or colored pencils to mark the map as you go. This way, they can see how far you've traveled visually.
  2. Ask them to find the next interesting place on the map. Then, they can tell the family what they found.
  3. Encourage them to look up fun facts about the places you visit. They can then share what they learn with everyone.

Using real maps makes your trip more engaging. It also helps kids develop their problem-solving and map-reading skills. They'll learn more about the world and have a great time. So, make maps a part of your family adventure.

For a great road trip with kids, mix technology with old-fashioned map reading. GPS and apps are useful. But, maps add a special touch and let kids learn more. This way, your trip turns into an unforgettable learning experience for your family.



Starting a summer road trip with kids is thrilling and rewarding with the right plan. This article gives essential tips to make your journey memorable. Ensure your car is ready for the road and keep your kids happy to enjoy your trip.

Experts suggest preparing meals beforehand is key to staying in a good mood. They also highlight the need for separate bedrooms and varied activities for different age groups. Plus, hotels with Kids Clubs or family-friendly options are highly recommended.

As you plan your summer travels, remember these important points. You need to be flexible, and organized, and put your kids' happiness first. By using this advice, you can make your road trip an amazing family adventure.

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