Easter Outfits for Women to Look Your Best on Easter Sunday

Easter Outfits for Women to Look Your Best on Easter Sunday

Getting dressed for Easter Sunday? We compiled the best Easter outfits for women, from cute and trendy clothes to casual wear. 

Besides planning Easter activities for your kids and preparing Easter meals, the minor concern of every woman is figuring out what Easter outfits to wear. Whether it’s an Easter mass service or a party, it calls for something more formal. And you might need to prepare ahead of time. 

Generally, Easter events do not follow a strict dress code. But the colors and motif should mirror the spring vibes. During this time, it’s better to skip your basic black clothes and instead opt for pastel hues and floral patterns. Colors like white, cream, and neutrals give your Easter outfits a refreshing look too! 

The good news is that we have compiled a list of Easter outfit ideas you can choose from for this holiday season. No need to worry because we’ve got you covered! 

Easter Outfits for Women on Easter Sunday

  1. Chic, patterned dresses at R&C Variety 

If going to Easter Sunday mass is part of your annual Easter routine, you might want to take a look at these chic, patterned dresses from R&C Variety

R&C Variety is committed to making you look stylish while retaining comfortability. They sell various clothing ranges from dresses, tops, skirts, statement t-shirts, and even swimwear. Here are some casual Easter outfits: 


Choose between a denim-like color wrap-around dress or white lace top matched with a tie midi skirt. The first one is a no-fuss Easter outfits for women that can easily be matched with pieces of jewelry and flats. In comparison, the latter is good to blend with the colors of spring and nature. 


If you cannot let go of black, why not pair it with other colors? This patterned dark green and black dress will indeed boast the colors of Easter. Plus, you would not have to worry about looking for a perfect pair of clothes in this overall dress! 


If you want something easy on the eyes yet classic, this all-white chiffon dress should be on your list. The waist is garterized so it can quickly adapt to your curves. Match it with gold jewelry and neutral-colored bags for a complete Easter outfit! 

Shop the latest casual Easter outfit at R&C Variety at Lauderhill Mall. For more information, visit our website

  1. Sunday dresses by Jenny’s Fashion & Bridal 

Jenny’s Fashion & Bridal specializes in sewing and crafting dresses for Easter Sunday. If you plan on shopping for new clothes, choose a boutique that is expert in the dress you are looking for. 


The suit and skirt option from Jenny’s Fashion & Bridal are in regardless if you are going to an Easter Sunday mass or party. Boost your confidence in this black patterned suit with different pops of colors! 

Shop Easter outfits for women at Jenny’s Fashion & Bridal at Lauderhill Mall. For more Easter outfit ideas, visit our website

  1. Easter tops from Jennifer Pro Beautique 

Jennifer Pro Beautique offers all kinds of attire for women, including face masks. This pink blush top is one of the latest collections from the store – another option if you are aiming for a rose-themed Easter outfit! This top can be worn best with a white skirt. Pants are a viable choice, but make sure it is not tattered or fit. 


Get this top at Jennifer Pro Beautique at Lauderhill Mall today! Visit our website for more information. 

What Not to Wear on Easter Sunday

Again, there is no general dress code on what to wear on Easter Sunday or any Easter gathering. These rules are usually imposed by your church, but try to avoid the following: 

  1. Say no to clothes with holes

Clothes that have holes or are tattered may be a trend, but if possible, please wear ones with *more* fabric. Even though the style is now fashionable, this can make you appear disheveled.

  1. Pass to distracting attire

A distracting attire is one that has loud colors or extensive writings on it. Try to wear Easter outfits that are calm—those that would not distract an Easter Sunday mass audience. 

  1. Comfortability over aesthetics

We understand that you cannot let go of your previous clothes. You are sentimental and we are too! Oftentimes, they might be too tight or worse, like a pair of shoes that squeak every time you walk. Imagine using them on your Easter Sunday mass and everyone turns their heads on you. 

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