BCFHC’s Efforts During Unprecedented Times

BCFHC’s Efforts During Unprecedented Times

Who would’ve thought that a single confirmed COVID-19 case on Washington would’ve affected millions of people? No one. As usual, we leaned on healthcare workers. 

Healthcare workers are our healing and hope during this time of COVID-19. In them, we rest our worries and wish for a better tomorrow.  As a tribute to our real heroes, let’s see how our very own Broward Community & Family Health Centers (BCFHC) placed themselves during unprecedented times. 

BCFHC’s role during unprecedented times of COVID-19

At this point, it’s evident that COVID-19 doesn’t respect borders. The single confirmed case in Washington brought us to a total of 45.9 million cases, with over 5 million deaths today. It’s real and it’s vital. 

Florida, where BCFHC’s headquarters is located, has over 3.65 million cases with almost 60,000 deaths. What became BCFHC’s role during these times? Let’s dive in. 

  • Protection for health workers during COVID-19

If you’re anywhere near an infected person, the droplets coming from when they sneezed, coughed, or breathed can go to your eyes, mouth, or nose and makes their way inside your body. Considering the transmission of COVID-19, BCFHC mandated the wearing of masks inside and outside of the health centers. This was also directed by the state of Florida and other states. 

BCFHC health workers particularly use N95 respirators. It’s a kind of personal protective equipment designed to protect the one wearing from particles or liquid that may contaminate the face. Institutions like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) regulate the use of N95 respirators

  • Expanding COVID-19 vaccination rollout 

BCFHC was one of the many health care centers that were granted relief from the US Government on financial and material support. The relief successfully distributed six million-plus vaccines, 2.3 billion dollars medical aid, 87.8 million cash funding disbursed, 41,100 emergency aid shipments, 5,500 tons of PPE, 83 million masks, 3 million face shields, and 33 million gloves in over 56 states and 106 countries. 

The relief created opportunities for BCFHC to expand vaccination rollout and further provide services for in-need clients. In fact, during the first offering of COVID-19 vaccination in their healthcare centers, BCFHC reached its appointment capacity. They’re currently offering COVID-19 vaccination for people aged 12 years and older with vaccines Pfizer and Moderna. 

  • Providing convenient COVID-19 testing 

To prevent the spread of COVID, it’s essential to wear a mask, stay six feet apart from another person, and avoid crowds. To prevent the surge of cases, BCFHC offers drive-thru testing at people’s convenience. In this way, direct contact is minimized. 

BCFHC’s drive-thru testing is conducted by appointment only. Patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment before the testing. They should also qualify under the conditions such as recent international travel or exposure to someone who has flu-like symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19. 

  • Events, events, events 

As part of efforts to bring back normal, BCFHC hosted several events to promote the necessity of vaccines. They partnered with the City of West Park in their first event on May 15. They offered Moderna vaccine for all persons eligible by state legislation from 9 AM until 2 PM. Due to high demand from the community, the event was again conducted for the second time on June 12. This time on June 26, they teamed up with the City of Hallandale to host a vaccination drive at Foster Park for people aged 18 years and older. 

Besides city vaccination drives, they also hooked up the kids by administering the Back to School COVID Vaccine Event on August 7 for children aged 12 years old and above. The event was packed with fun-filled activities, giveaways, and freebies. Parents are even encouraged to get vaccinated too. 

  • BCFHC's COVID-19 Telehealth sessions

BCFHC offered telehealth sessions for current and existing BCFHC patients by appointment. Patients can talk with doctors through the UcareConnect application, a free downloadable app from Apple and Google, through these sessions. 

  • COVID-19 responsible marketing

The impact of social media and other platforms plays a crucial role in ensuring that all facts related to COVID-19 are delivered efficiently and accurately. BCFHC started including COVID-19 in their marketing strategy, such as developing and posting valuable and informative social media content. 

Other services you might need

BCFHC offers other services besides COVID-19 vaccination and testing. From family medicine, behavioral health, women's services, to smoking cessation, BCFHC got your back. Visit their website to know more and schedule an appointment. They’re open for nights, weekends, emergency services, or whenever a need arises. To schedule an appointment, call 954-624-3200 or ask for an inquiry through this form. Meanwhile, you can also check in BCFHC's center in Lauderhill Mall

About BCFHC 

Broward Community & Family Health Centers, Inc. (BCFHC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering all people dignity, respect, and access to comprehensive, high-quality primary and preventive care. BCOM's focus is to promote healthier lifestyles through health education. 

Families, businesses, and individuals can access primary care services regardless of their age, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or financial means. Board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, LPNs, Medical Assistants, and other support professionals make up the medical team.


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