5 Important Car Maintenance Tips for Holidays

5 Important Car Maintenance Tips for Holidays

Holidays are spent either at home or as a vacation out of town. Most prefer the latter as a way of detoxifying themselves from the monotony of daily tasks. Surely, there will always be countless spots to take your car away. But before you stretch your tires and legs, remember some important car maintenance tips for a safe and jolly holiday trip. You surely don’t want to risk your life for an uncalculated holiday.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 42,000 fatalities from road accidents were recorded last year. Among numerous reasons behind this number, being negligent of safety precautions is one of those. And while accidents cannot be predicted, reducing the possibility of having one can be done by checking out these car maintenance tips.

Here are five car maintenance tips to check before going on with your holidays

  1. Check your breaks

It is a non-negotiable rule always to check your brakes. Ensure everything from the padding to the rotors is working properly. This also includes your brake fluids and other related components.

  • You are wrong if you think your actual pedal will not make a difference. Wor-out paddings can be a hazard since stepping on a slippery pedal can pose serious risks on the road. 
  • You should be meticulous about every corner of your brake mechanism. When you feel something is wrong, have a mechanic take a look. 
  • When it comes to breaking fluids, ensure you have the right level and type of fluid. 

Everything that is worn off can be a safety hazard, so always replace them. Do not be cheap when it comes to your breaks. If you neglect your breaks, your breaks will neglect your life too. As the old road saying goes, it is easy to speed up but hard to slow down. 

So better check your brakes as part of your car maintenance checklist before you lose the chance to do so.

  1. Windows and Wipers

Have you ever gotten into a ride where you need to clean your windshield only to have your wiper making a more terrible mess? Yes, we’ve all been there.

Before you leave for your vacation, check your windshields, windows, and wipers for any dents and scratches. Not only will they make your cars look awful, but they can also be a road hazard. Cracked windows, especially those made without plastic, will pose a risk to every passenger. It is better to have all your windows strengthened with fiber or tempered glass.

But aside from car maintenance safety tips, comfort should also be a priority. This often happens when an unexpected travel companion like a highway bugs you. Nothing makes you sick than a dead insect splattering across your windshield. This may be funny in theory, but this is no fun. So you should also ensure that your wipers are of top quality with enough water to wash off your windshield.

Also, visibility may be compromised with poor-quality windows. So always clean your windows before you go on your trip.

  1. Gas 

Always fill ‘er up and bring back-ups!

Nothing will get worse than being stranded in a deserted area during holidays because you ran out of gas. Being stranded will be the last thing you want when you're in an unfamiliar place. 

So before you set on with your trip, make sure that your gas is full. This gives you an edge since some areas have different gas prices than yours. So filling up your gas tank in your area gives you the advantage of reducing your gas prices.

Also, check out if your gas tank has been leaking before. If so, have it immediately repaired before filling your tank up. This will not only save you from wasting money on leaking gas but will also save you from burning yourself on the road.

And it is also not a bad idea to have a spare gallon of gas in case you run out of gas somewhere with no gas station nearby. But make sure that your gallons are insulated enough to prevent leakage and place it somewhere safe.

  1. Replace old tires

Ensure your tires are not yet worn out to prevent serious accidents. An accident is sure to happen when a tire blows out while running at 70mph. Prevent this from happening by ensuring that your tires are in perfect condition (and also by not overspeeding!)

You should also ensure that the tire pressure is not too high nor too low to make your riding experience like a roller coaster ride. This will make your ride a trip you would never want to do again. Also, riding on awful tire pressure speeds up the lifespan of your tires.

So before you set out on your holiday trip, replace tires that need to be replaced. And on the day of your trip, you better have a spare tire with you. 

  1. Buy new lights

Headlights, tail lights, and hazard lights should always be regularly checked. Holiday trips are often spent at night, so proper lighting should not disappear from your checklist. Aside from being a law, having good and proper lighting will also give you better visibility during the cold season.

Aside from your bulbs, make sure also to take a look at your electrical wirings and fuse to avoid electrical problems. And concerning that, you should also ensure that your battery is not yet out of power. 

And when you buy a new set of lights for your car, make sure you buy the best quality you can find. Buying new lights that will wear out in a month is a terrible thing to experience. It costs you more than just money but also time to take care of your car. 

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