5 Cute Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

5 Cute Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Holidays are now coming up on our calendar. And with the festive breeze slowly entering, there is only one thing for us to expect: parties left and right! 

Parties are the best thing when you want to get a breath of fresh air from your daily routines. They give you a sense of recreation and relaxation with people. But parties can also make picking out outfits a challenge, especially when they come at you one after another. Nothing will make you more stressed than to have no outfit when another party is around. And with several holidays upcoming, you will run out of outfit ideas.

But with simple tips and tricks in spicing up your holiday, you can return to the floor as you own it.

Here are 5 cute holiday outfit ideas to own the party

  1. Keep it simple during the holidays

5 Cute Holiday Party Outfit Ideas5 Cute Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

You better keep it simple when you can’t think of anything to spice it up. Simplicity will never fail you this coming holiday. Like what the saying goes, you will never get it wrong if you don’t overdo it. A cute sweater dress will make you look comfortable yet elegant and work its purpose during the cold season.

This can also be a good idea when everyone else is maximizing their look. By being the different girlt, you will certainly own the night! Besides, sweater dresses works both on formal and non-formal occassions.

This outfit idea works best at outdoor night parties where a warm tone is expected to highlight the evening. And in line with that, your sweater dress should possess a complementary vibe to your overall outfit. Keep in mind that the purpose of your sweater dress is to give the most impression while doing it lowkey. 

  1. Classics never gets old during holidays

5 Cute Holiday Party Outfit Ideas5 Cute Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

Some past trends never really lose their touch. Aside from them being being an all-time favorite, these trends have a “resurfing” factor that makes their magic last every year when it’s their time to dominate the fashion world again.

Some examples include velvet dresses and metallic outfits. At one point, velvet dresses became the talk of the town during holiday. Then they went down. But they returned as they found their strength during the winter season and evening events. With their soft-looking appearance and lowkey elegant shine, velvet dresses work perfectly as a winter option. This works best since it will give you glistening glamor in the middle of the dark night. This gives an impression of depth and volume to your outfit; something that is needed during evening parties.

Another example would be metallic dresses. Like the holiday season, metallic outfits only come at certain times of the year when bold fashion moves are less likely expected. Not all try to use metallic dresses since these outfits only work if they match your vibe. One personality that can be taken account for is another resurfacing holiday trend - Mariah Carey. She often uses metallic outfits in her Christmas shows. So if you think you have the same Mariah Carey confidence, do try metallic capes, tights, or dresses. They are a bit risky when matching with other outfits and events, but they certainly will give you a million-dollar look when properly executed!

  1. Blend with what’s in on holiday

Who says you can’t wear pajamas at parties? Well, not anymore!

Loungewear has recently become a trend and has dominated the fashion world, especially during holiday. Surprisingly enough, they do give a certain look. This outfit idea has become trendy alongside its partner: pajama parties. Recent party themes incorporated pajamas with them. And for whatever reason, these clicked. Though controversial for some, pajamas are patronized for their natural comfort look during the festive seasons. 

Others may not like this style, but they work sometimes, especially during indoor gatherings. With sustainability and comfort entering the picture in the post-pandemic era, loungewear might now be a forever part of party outfit ideas.

  1. Accessorize

Looking for the small cherry on top of the cream for your holiday outfit? Accessories are the answer to that.

Accessories like pearls, earrings, and necklaces work best when wearing long dresses. They can compliment the “dullness” of long dresses. The flow of long dresses already creates a sense of stability. And in those cases, a bit of spice will be needed. Accessories on long dresses gives the impression of people stopping to take a further time to look at you. And thus, will give them more time to appreciate your outfit.

The same principle can be applied when your outfits don’t give you enough curves. Since dresses flow on a fluid pattern, your curves will not be highlighted. In those cases, a complimenting belt will do the trick. This can also work in other dresses and not just long dresses since putting a complimentary belt is to draw attention to your curves.

When all else seems bland, unconventional accessories like hats, gloves, and bags will make the talk. They will not ruin your look since these accessories go out independently. So keep in mind that principle: accessories are not the spotlight of your outfit, they should only highlight your main outfit.

  1. Show some skin this holidays

Nothing makes people turn their heads more than a piece of skin flaunting on the catwalk. If we’re talking about bold outfit ideas, this might be the boldest that we can think of.

Skirts will never fail you this holiday. You can match them with sweater tops, crop tops, and the like. It is an outfit piece that works with almost everything. The secret lies with the slit. With slits, a sense of mystery is added and will then give you long-lasting look. But considering the cold season, mini skirts work best for indoor occasions.

Off-shoulder tops work the same way. In this way, any accessory will blend in with your outfit. And in case you feel too bare, a cape or a coat will highlight your look.

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