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Mon – Sat: 10AM – 8PM
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1267 NW 40th AVE
Lauderhill, FL 33313

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Location of Lauderhill Mall

Lauderhill Mall is located in the center of Broward County in Lauderhill on State Road 7 (441). With a mixture of national and regional stores, such as Ashley Stewart, Dental Team, Fresco y más, Footlocker, and Rainbow along with many local merchants, the Lauderhill Mall offers known brands and unique products and services not found in other shopping centers. The mall offers free monthly events for all ages that make for a great day of shopping and fun. Open seven days a week. Supermarket, with stores near you. You can easily get here with your car (parking lot). There is also a bus stop (No 18, 19, 36, 40, 81).

History of Lauderhill Mall Shopping Center

This amazing icon sits on 40 acres of property along State Road 7 just north of Sunrise Boulevard in Lauderhill, Florida, just west of the city of Fort Lauderdale. Lauderhill Mall opened in 1966 and is known as the first air-conditioned mall in the southeastern United States. Since its opening, Broward County and South Florida in general have changed dramatically. For example, the population of Broward County was only 350,000 in 1966. Today, it is 1.8 million and growing.  And the Lauderhill Mall continues to evolve to serve its ever-changing neighborhood.

TODAY'S HOURS Thursday, 10:00AM - 8:00PM


1267 NW 40th AVE
Lauderhill, FL 33313

The Lauderhill Mall has a mix of national and regional retailers, making it a great place to find both well-known brands and specialty items. The mall is open seven days a week and hosts free monthly events.


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